Learn how Retaining Walls work

27th March 2020
Learn how Retaining Walls work
Retaining walls provide a pivotal role in the protection of structures from damage related to soil and hydrostatic pressures. Soil collapse can not only put your home at risk for damage, but it can also put bystanders in physical danger, so it’s important to maintain your retaining walls properly, and to understand their role in the protection of your home. A retaining wall is erected post excavation or filling an embankment to provide support. This in turn helps prevent soil from collapsing suddenly and or eroding slowly. These walls may be constructed from a range of materials. These include: reinforced concrete, un-reinforced or reinforced core filled brick or concrete blocks, timber or concrete sleepers or stone boulders.

Learn how retaining walls work, and how they resist sliding and overturning
*Video credit to Engineering Models
Here are Structerre, we offer a versatile approach to designing retaining and screen walls, from small garden walls to support structures. Whether you need certification for a retaining or screen wall, standard details for a simple project or have more complex requirements, our experience working with different materials and pre-cast systems means your job is in safe hands.

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