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The Structerre Commercial team has extensive experience in providing engineering design, documentation and certification for a wide range of residential, commercial, industrial and infrastructure projects. This experience extends to the design of major industrial and retail structures, multi-storey hotels, luxury residential housing and Class 2 apartment buildings. A large volume of recent work has included refurbishments, fit outs and the addition of extra floors to existing buildings; as well as design and reporting on the safe demolition of existing structures. The Commercial team has a design focus on practicality, safety and structural efficiency. 

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Commercial Solution Disciplines
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Structural Engineering

Being well versed in the latest construction techniques and technological advancements, our engineers know that speed of construction is often critical in reducing costs, and designs have to be adaptable to suit contractor’s preferences.

Managing the balance between cost, functionality and aesthetics is critical on all structural engineering projects. Our highly trained structural engineers work closely with our clients and their chosen consultants and contractors throughout all stages of a project’s life cycle. Communication is key in ensuring the required balance is understood and structural designs are tailored accordingly.

Our versatile team of consulting engineers have experience in a large range of projects Australia-wide, including residential developments, high-rise hotels and major infrastructure. We offer a wide scope of services including review and certification, detailed design and forensic investigation. Whatever your need, our Structural team can help you.

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The geological features of a site can affect many stages of your project. Gaining full knowledge of your site is vital in selecting the most effective solutions for the lifespan of your project.

It is crucial that geotechnical risks, such as slope stability, groundwater management and piled foundations, whether for temporary or permanent situations, are managed effectively for both personnel safety and project success.

We offer the full suite of geotechnical engineering services. We perform and manage site investigations and laboratory testing, from short boreholes and test pits for simple sites, to deep bore testing and geohazard mapping for higher risk projects. Using state of the art software we offer design services from earth retention and foundations to ground improvement and tunnel analysis.

The best time to get advice from geotechnical engineers is when you are undertaking feasibility assessments on your project.

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