Gorgon Project Construction Village

Commercial & Civil

The Gorgon Project is one of the largest natural gas projects in Australia’s history, designed for an annual production of 15.6 million tonnes of LNG. The Project is under construction on Barrow Island, a Class ‘A’ Nature Reserve and within a cyclone region, which our team factored into their designs. We undertook all structural works for 13 central facility buildings of the workforce accommodation village. These buildings were made up of 245 transportable modules, which were pre-assembled in Perth.

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Commercial & Civil

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Project Title

Gorgon Project Construction Village

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Barrow Island - WA

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Nomad Modular Building

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27th March 2015


Our vast experience in modular structures allowed us to standardise and repeat modular types throughout. We designed and certified all structural module types. Adjusted roof pitch and height, column layout, and incorporating standard elements throughout led to easier and faster fabrication and reduced construction time. To complete our service, we provided our client Nomad Modular with tie down and footing drawings.

We designed the structures to withstand extreme wind speeds and act as cyclone shelters, ensuring worker safety and minimal associated down time.

Our team custom designed brackets for full moment portal connections that formed the major building frames. We also worked with one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of self-drilling screws and fasteners, Buildex, to design a customised screw. Using these screws and brackets for all connections eliminated the need for bolting or welding, achieving the main goal of faster and easier fabrication. Innovative engineering played a key role in securing and delivering this project.

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