Introducing Framing World WA

30th September 2016
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Over the years, Perth’s residential housing market has been married to traditional double brick construction. Now everywhere you look, housing lots are becoming smaller, and more sustainable products and techniques are emerging. Lightweight construction is quickly developing in Western Australia creating new opportunities. Framed or brick solutions – you are talking Structerre’s language.

As Bob Dylan once sang in the 60’s, “The Times They Are a-Changin’ ”, and the generational mindset of double brick construction in WA (Perth) is being challenged by new thinking. The WA market is facing ‘Changin Times’ with new construction methods and materials being used and reviewed at a progressive rate. It is an exciting time to be involved in these changes as the modern builders and engineers embrace framed construction. On this note, Structerre is proud to announce the opening of Framing World at our head office in Balcatta WA as of the 27th October 2016.

What Is Framing World?

Framing World is a collaborative industry response to the market to increase the awareness and understanding of framed construction for better preparation and adoption. Structerre’s national support with offices in the states of QLD, NSW and VIC means we have a wealth of knowledge in framed construction and alternate construction methods. Framing World is our very own in-house (undercover) display area to showcase just that; a range of different steel and timber framing for walls and floors, timber stick roof construction and concrete decks all in the one place.

Framing World is unique to WA because it offers an opportunity to see a range of different materials and systems all in the one place. It provides designers, builders and developers the opportunity to compare, experience, touch, stand on and eyeball different systems. Not only does it showcase Structerre’s abilities to design and detail these alternative construction methods but it provides a means for:

  • Technical training and education for construction teams and trades
  • A meeting place for construction teams and associations
  • Direct access to engineering and construction advice in the one place

Who Else Is Involved?

Framing World would not be a reality without the generous support in time, materials and technical expertise of our wonderful suppliers. This has been a great endorsement of like-minded companies getting together with a desire to showcase framing materials, claddings and alternate building concepts. A big thanks go to:



Structerre is excited to announce the launch of Framing World to the WA market and we believe that you will enjoy seeing what is on display. Bookings/walkthroughs are available from the 27th of October so please do not hesitate to contact us or email us on if you are interested.

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