Roof Construction – Quality Control Inspections

18th December 2015
The Victorian Guide to Standards & Tolerances Passed in Tribunal Case

In Western Australia, structural certification of residential construction is not mandatory as it is in many other Australian States. Recently, this has started to tighten with a shift in focus towards roof construction compliance inspections.

Structerre is able to assist in ensuring that your roof carpenters and supervisors are up to speed with current roof framing practices by offering Quality Control Inspections of your roof frames under construction. It is our suggestion that a representative sample of houses be selected for auditing, i.e. one in ten, to ensure that all regions are reaching compliance. Inspections should take place prior to the installation of roof cover and ceiling linings.

Our inspecting engineer will issue a completed roof frame checklist from site, including a marked up plan and photos identifying any areas of the roof construction not meeting compliance.

We have also developed a set of Explanatory Notes, available on request, to accompany the completed checklist, which summarises the critical elements of roof frame construction, and tie down requirements in one easy to read document.

Give yourself peace of mind and contact Structerre’s Inspect & Investigate team for a fee schedule on (08) 9205 4500, or alternatively email through site details including preferred date of inspection to

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