Innovation World VIC is now open!

16th April 2019

Structerre is excited to announce the launch of Innovation World to the VIC market. Innovation World is our very own in-house display showcasing a range of new innovations we can offer. It provides designers, builders, structural engineers, residential engineers and developers alike the opportunity to compare, touch, stand on and experience first hand the different options available to them. Framing and Modular mainly cater directly to our fabricator clients however, we still have a number of builder clients that we design and engineer for predominately in the modular field. With the rise of prefabrication off site, our fabricators are additionally offering steel framed solutions as a substitute for conventional builds, by way of savings associated with time and cost.

Innovation World launched last week in VIC with our first demonstration taking place on Thursday 11 April.


This would not be a reality without the generous support of our wonderful suppliers, Dynamic Steel Frame and Truecore. Our mutual desire to showcase steel framing and alternate innovative building solutions has made this a possibility.

Bookings/walkthroughs are available
as of today so please do not hesitate to contact our VIC team if you’re interested in a demonstration.

We’re certain you will enjoy seeing what is on display!

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