Reduce Costs Using Structerre’s D29 (STr100) Footing Detail (Patented)

15th May 2015

Structerre has developed a footing detail to help you reduce costs. The D29 (formerly referred to as the STr100) footing detail can be used for footings of single storey, double brick houses located on sand sites. The new detail is based on the idea of reducing the amount of concrete by using an ‘edge thickening’ rather then than a standard strip footing.

The D29 footing detail complies with the concepts of AS2870 Residential slabs and footings and has a number of benefits, the most important being reduced costs. The most obvious cost saving is through the reduction in concrete used, but there are some other prominent benefits:

  • The D29 footing requires less excavation, minimising the earthworks on site. This leads to reduced cost.
  • The D29 footing is part of the ground slab, enabling you to pour the concrete in just one go. This will reduce time on site, thus reducing cost.
  • You save on brickwork, as one less course of brickwork is required.

Although cost savings are important, the benefits of the D29 footing detail aren’t all cost related. Reducing the amount of concrete will lead to lower concrete production levels, reducing CO2 emission. By using the D29 footing detail you will be building in a more environmentally sustainable manner.

Developing innovative and cost-effective residential engineering solutions for the building industry has always been one of Structerre’s main focuses. Patenting this innovation for exclusive use by our clients, such as the D29 footing detail, is just one of the many examples of how we always try to positively contribute back to our client’s bottom line.

For more information on the D29 footing detail, please contact the Structerre team.

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