Ensure an Accurate Star Rating

30th July 2014
The Victorian Guide to Standards & Tolerances Passed in Tribunal Case

The Building Commission is aware of concerns about inconsistencies in star ratings being provided by house energy rating scheme assessors.



This appears to be due to a lack of clarity about the use of NatHERS accredited software for the purpose of compliance with the energy efficiency provisions in Part J of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) Volume One and Part 3.12 of BCA Volume Two.

IB044/2014 has been released to ensure all assessors meet the minimum star rating assessment requirements to demonstrate compliance with the NCC energy efficiency provisions.

Each assessor should adhere to and declare that the energy assessment completed meets the following requirements:

  • The NatHERS software being used is accredited and the current version is being used as per IB007/2012
  • The NatHERS accredited software was used in Regulation Mode for the assessment
  • The NatHERS Principles for Rating in Regulation Mode were applied for this assessment
  • The qualified assessor has appropriate PI insurance
  • The qualified assessor has their own software licensed number

If your assessor is not following the above requirements, then your assessment may not be completed accurately and correctly.

The NatHERS principles for Rating in Regulation Mode Technical Modeling notes are easily accessible through the NatHERS website for all to reference.

Structerre Energy also provides alternative assessment compliance methods to the 6 star rating assessment method, providing clients with compliance flexibility in meeting the current energy efficiency BCA requirements. For a professional assessment and an accurate star rating at competitive prices, please contact our Energy Section to discuss your energy requirements.

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