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New and Improved Drawing Presentation Part 2


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At Structerre, a common practice that we undertake is actively looking for feedback from our clients so we can continually improve our service offering. We take time to review our clients’ feedback and have found a common topic of discussion to be the appearance of drawings. You spoke and we listened and we are pleased to announce that we have made further changes to our documents to cater towards our clients’ needs and wants.

Although not an easy task to make engineering plans look very visually appealing, we worked hard to jazz up our layouts in August 2014. We placed more information in the legend instead of the drawing itself and added extra footing detail options, to give our clients more flexibility without the need for further consultations.

Following up on the success of these changes, we have made further improvements and you may notice that our drawings have changed slightly again. This is due to Structerre upgrading our drafting package internally, and also moving slightly closer to Australian drafting standards.

Some clients found that black and white drawings are hard to read on a computer screen. To combat this, you will notice that our certified PDFs are now issued out in colour. The idea behind this change is that our drawings are easier to read and critical structural elements stand out better.

What about the cost of printing these? We realised this may cause some concern with clients but can assure you that when they are printed out in standard black and white, our drawings are still very legible. You have the option to do either or, depending on what you or your clients prefer.

If you would like to give us feedback on V2 of our updated drawings, please do not hesitate to contact your nearest Structerre office.

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