Do I need an Energy Assessment in Australia?

22nd January 2021
Hand shows a model energy efficient house on blurred background.

At Structerre, our team are fully trained to provide energy assessments Australia wide. Our energy team is familiar with each individual Australian state’s unique energy requirements for compliance which will ensure your energy report is accepted for building license approval regardless of where your project is located in Australia.

What is an energy assessment?

An Energy Assessment Report outlines a house’s ability to make the most of the environment, by assessing the homes requirements to stay naturally cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Houses with good thermal performance need less artificial heating and cooling, leading to savings on bills and lowering greenhouse gas emissions.  The key to achieving a comfortable, high performing home is to design for your climate.

Do I need an energy assessment?

An Energy Efficiency Assessment is required for all new residential and commercial buildings and alterations & additions to meet current BCA requirements to obtain building license approval.

Why use Structerre Consulting to complete your energy assessment?

The Structerre Energy team provides a clear, concise and simplified approach to achieving compliance. Our team of experienced assessors has experience covering a wide range designs and construction types which ensures your project will be completed correctly based on applying the most cost-effective, practical and non-restrictive solutions for compliance.

We can assess your project through the following methods: Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme, Elemental Provisions, Performance Solutions and/or State Specific Energy Protocols. The method will depend on whether your project needs to be a 6-star energy-efficient home or a minimum BCA compliant built home.  A 6-star rating is typically the minimum star rating standard in most states and territories and indicates good thermal performance.

Our specialist team is experienced with every type of residential and commercial building, covering all types of construction and can provide the information you need to help you make the right decisions for your project.

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