Site Testing for European Space Agency

2nd September 2014
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The European Space Agency (ESA) has plans to expand their WA based New Norcia space station, which will see a new antenna installed to provide further support and communication for ongoing deep space missions.



This unconventional project needs our expertise to allow the delicate and sensitive scientific antenna to perform its intended function correctly. The aim is to eliminate any potential interruptions and intrusions through ground movement and allow the equipment to perform at its highest level with no problems arising mid-use or during experiments.

Structerre’s Geotechnical engineering team have been invited to do the initial field testing and foundation assessment of the site to explore the best possible locations for the antenna. There are three spots the ESA is considering and our team is investigating how the topography, geology and varying ground conditions will interact with the structure’s footings.

To date, our team has supplied excavation testing, soil and rock sampling, borrow and construction material testing and foundation analysis of the different locations. Once the project progresses, our team may be required to conduct construction supervision and further testing of the site.

Robert Grant, Geotechnical Engineering Manager, stated, “We are glad to be part of a project that is contributing greatly toward research and deep space exploration. The intricacies involved have been great for us to showcase our vast experience and knowledge of geotechnical engineering”.

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