Supporting the Australian Bushfire Crisis – Creating Change Together

16th January 2020
Bushfire crises

Like many of you, we’ve been deeply saddened as our beautiful country endures the worst bushfire crisis in our history. These fires amongst other climate disasters are, in large part, a direct result of businesses pursuing growth at all costs and through driving environmentally unsustainable practices. Structerre’s mission is to positively help the environment, because we do not believe in growth at all cost. We believe in creating a future worth living. Our contribution to that mission is to help tackle the issue of the carbon footprint and we do this through our designs. While small on a global scale, it is a meaningful contribution we can make within our industry.

In response to the recent bushfire tragedies, Structerre has donated $15,000 in financial support to the Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief and is also providing uncapped paid leave for all employees who volunteer with emergency services, not just in response to this bushfire crisis we are currently witnessing, but for any time these selfless volunteers are called upon to come to the aid of their community and their country.

Let’s come together during this difficult time to help the environment, people and animals in need. For those in the community who would like to help and are in a position to do so, monetary donations towards state-based services and charitable organisations have been identified as the most useful way to help. These include:

Every little bit helps.

We stand stronger together.

We can create change together.

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