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Passport - Online Project Management

Structerre has developed the ultimate custom built online job management system.

The system is called Passport and it allows you to book and manage your jobs with Structerre anywhere and in real time. Passport is a private and secure online service that makes our services more convenient for you, bringing with it expanded capabilities and greater transparency of performance. It is easy to access and even easier to use on any device ranging from smartphones and tablets to laptops and desktop computers.

Why Use Passport?

•   Convenient, secure, fast and easy to use

•   Efficient and logical in managing and booking jobs

•   Large file size upload allowance of 100MB when attaching files                                                                    

•   Compatible with any device through smart software configuration

•   Effective file exchange, conveniently hosted online in one place and categorised

•   Retrieve electronic documents and invoices instantly

•   Fully integrated and thorough site classification estimate tool

•   Helpful statistics and performance indicators

•   Efficient messages and request system

•   Complete overview of every action and job - reflected in real time

•   Ability to export all job activity in an excel csv format


Have a look at our Passport Brochure for more information

Get An Account
Do you wish to start reaping the benefits of Passport and start using this project management tool straight away? We can set you up with a personal login or a shared account, whatever suits your needs better. We can also arrange on-site training to allow for an easy transition to the system. Please contact a member of our team on (08) 9205 4500 or e-mail us on to organise your account.


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