Boulters Heights, WA

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Boulters Heights serves as a lookout/tourist destination, exercise route, and path between Bunbury Senior High School and the CBD.

The City of Bunbury has made a wonderful decision to draft a master plan that will include a holistic design approach to develop Boulters Heights into the future and will work as a guide for future investment into the reserve with their budget in mind. This plan was crafted with care as the City of Bunbury wanted to conserve its existing site characteristics, views to and from the reserve, Indigenous and European cultural heritage, Ecological and landscape values, and asset condition inventory. Over past years, concerns have been raised within the City of Bunbury to the structural adequacy of the structures within the boundary of the park.

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Dilapidation Report & Structural Assessments

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2 Withers Cres, Bunbury WA 6230

How was Structerre involved?

Last year, we had the honour of being selected by the City of Bunbury to help execute this complex plan. Our involvement with the project was to provide a dilapidation/structural assessment of all structures within the boundaries of the sites, where we identified all the existing structures, determined the current level of dilapidation, and provided guidance on risk. We were requested to attend the site to determine the structural condition of all structures within the boundary of the park and provide a rating system for the urgency of remedial action.

Our team conducted a structural condition survey on stairs, landings, retaining walls, mortared rock pitching, kerbs and pedestrian footpaths as allowed by the owner of the properties and accessible areas that are permissible within the Boulters Heights limits. We outlined the probable causes of damage were present in addition to remedial recommendations to reduce the likelihood of future damage.

Additionally, we provided a ranking system to direct the priority of future works. Using this system, we produced a spreadsheet to accompany the report, which identifies each structure present within the boundaries of Boulters Heights, including the ranking of dilapidation, and a brief summary of remedial works required.

From this, the City of Bunbury has prepared a master plan, which is currently in its draft stage.