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We've grown substantially since our establishment in the 1980's, and we've had some great people working with us
along the way. Meet our long serving team members.

The 10 year club recognises the commitment and passion of those who have been with Structerre for over a decade.

We value the dedication of every one of our team members and we like to recognise their efforts. Our 10 year club has been established to celebrate the achievements of long serving team members and offers benefits such as an annual luncheon and a cash bonus upon entry. We appreciate that reaching the 10 year mark is a fantastic accomplishment and we like to encourage our employees by offering benefits at 5 years of service too.

Dayle Kay

Geotechnical Site Senior Administrator

I have been working at Structerre for a period of 18 years.  In this time I have seen the company grow considerably.  One of the reasons why I enjoy working at Structerre is the friendly and family orientated atmosphere. Every month we have a morning tea or lunch to celebrate any staff who have had a birthday and also announce any staff milestones such as babies born, engagements and weddings. I also enjoy being able to talk openly with all levels of Management.

Anne L’Aurora

Board Support

For almost 25 years I've had the privilege of working with Structerre Consulting Engineers, witnessing its success and growth from a fledgling business to its current Australia-wide status. Structerre is not just a company, it's a culture that lets you develop your talent and ideas because you are listened to and treated as a valuable team member.  Management is friendly, focused and passionate about its product.  Unlike other companies there's an essential optimism about Structerre that attracts people and makes them want to stay, as in my case.  My original intention was to work for 6 months - and 25 years later I'm still here in a now part-time capacity!

Wayne Anderson

WA State General Manager and Partner

Structerre has always, and continues to provide opportunities for its staff members to advance in their career. For me this culminated in being made the WA State General Manager in 2014. I was made a Partner in the business in 2007, being offered the chance to be a part owner of the company and to become part of the future leadership group within the company. It is these sorts of opportunities that Structerre offer that have allowed me to advance my career and have allowed me to have a diverse range of experience having worked at Structerre my whole professional life.

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