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Timber framing is the most used framing solution across Australia. We provide engineering certification for single and multi-storey framed structures. Our teams also design the lintels, beams and wall bracing. We have engineering solutions for all your residential needs.

The strong relationships we have built with suppliers mean we can provide you with cost-effective solutions for timber-framed designs.

Our experienced team offers timber engineering design for the following:

  • Roof framing
  • Wall framing
  • Floor framing
  • Post design
  • Carport/veranda/pergola framing
Benefits of Timber Framing
  • A reliable, proven and popular solution
  • Strong, stable and quiet
  • No welding needed on site
  • Suitable to use in a corrosive environment
  • Easy to work with, fast to assemble and easy to change to suit changing requirements
  • A sustainable resource that captures carbon
  • Lower cost compared to steel framing
  • Timber is a natural insulator and reduces the need for different insulation methods such as thermal barriers
Timber framing materials & the environment
Indicator Timber frame
From a renewable source ✔Yes
Sustainably sourced ✔Yes mostly
Sustainably manufactured ✔Yes mostly
Non-toxic during use ✔Yes (if treated)
Low in embodied carbon ✔Yes
Recycled content ❌No
Recyclable ❌No (very limited)
Low waste rates ✔Yes (if factory made)
Appropriate for life span ✔Yes (if termite treated)
Thermal bridging ✔Yes
Flexibility and adaptability ✔Yes

Source: YourHome

why choose structerre?

Structerre is the best choice for your timber needs as we have 40 years of experience in the space and we are market leaders in the adoption of new frame types and products. We focus on the clients’ needs and tailor our solutions to those needs by providing cost-effective and timely solutions. Our team works to avoid issues on-site, if construction issues do arise we are quick to respond to your team with efficient rectification procedures. We have strong relationships in the timber industry, allowing for the best cost outcome for our clients. At Structerre, we look at the entire build as a whole rather than just focusing on one aspect of the frame.

Contact us today to see how Structerre can help with your timber engineering needs.


Contact us today to see how Structerre can help with your timber engineering needs.

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