Residential Engineering Perth

The Perth Structerre Residential Engineering team has been providing engineering design and documentation for a broad section of residential building projects for over 35 years. Our experience and knowledge have enabled us to fine-tune our delivery so that we can offer rapid and cost-effective solutions with a high level of client service. The residential market is our core focus of our company and we have developed an array of services to complement our position as market leaders. As we have four offices situated in Western Australia, we are able to cater our residential services to the Perth city and outer Perth suburbs. 

Our Perth Residential team can complete the structural design for single and multi-storey structures, including the supporting footing, foundation and ground slab designs; framing design and certification and a range of roof systems. To ensure our design best suits your project, we undertake preliminary geotechnical testing of the site prior to the design stage and have specialised teams ready to detail and design your project specifically to your allotment. 

In addition to housing structural design, our Perth residential team also completes the water, waste and stormwater management design and construction for single and multi-unit developments. Our close working relationships with Local Perth Councils and Shires as well as being registered holders of all current Water Corporation manuals, codes and standards ensures that our designs adhere to all relevant criteria whilst being references to as constructed information that showing all sewer, water and drainage networks.  

We complete residential projects from the ground up, but our team can provide residential engineering solutions to an already constructed home. Our Perth team can design numerous home additions such as outbuildings, garages, patios, gazebos and swimming pools, and can provide renovation solutions and advice should you require the addition of a room, floor or even a basement. We also offer a versatile approach to designing retaining and screen walls, from small garden walls to support structures. 

Structerre Perth can provide full engineering certification of single module or more complex structures for non-cyclonic and cyclonic structures. This includes roof, wall and floor systems using a variety of construction methods (insulated panel, build up frame, trussed, steel or timber-framed and concrete or steel chassis).

If you’re starting a new residential project or are interested in any of our residential engineering services, contact us today!