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Pools are an impressive feature in the home, and Structerre helps ensure it is all planned properly, to a high standard and is built to last, saving everyone money in the long term.

What do we offer?

Our site soil service investigates the immediate surroundings of the pool to ensure proper pool excavation, by determining the proximity and potentially measure the depth of footings that could be impacted by the pool excavation. We also calculate the distance, which will be influenced by the site-specific soil type, to ensure the proposed pool excavation does not undermine adjacent property and/or structures that can cause damage during the construction process.  There is no point in designing the pool to withstand loads from adjacent buildings if, during construction, those buildings end up in the pool excavation.

Our soil classification also helps determine the level of drainage required around the pool, which is vitally important for Fibre-reinforced Plastic pools which have almost no structural capability and can move excessively if the need for drainage has not been identified and installed.

At Structerre, we have some unique details to resolve the issues with larger pools.  The small pool code limits the pool size to 17.7 m in any dimension or 100sqm which make these pools a Liquid Retaining Structure.  We respect the limitation and design the pools to meet the Australian code requirements, therefore, protecting the pool builder from future issues.

We are qualified and highly experienced at conducting Hydraulic certification for the Hydraulic system to ensure that there is sufficient flow and capacity in the mechanical equipment to meet the fatigue design life.

Below are examples of a site drawing & pool drawing for a concrete pool.



What makes us different?

For our pool builder clients, we offer our custom-built online job management system called Passport, Passport allows you to book and manage your jobs with us anywhere and in real-time. Passport utilises our extensive database to provide a multitude of information which will be useful to the pool builder, the systems algorithm looks at the surrounding sites and provides in most cases an 80% accurate estimate of the site classification without having to go to the expense of a soil report at quotation stage.  This allows the pool builder to be more confident of the construction costs when quoting.

At Structerre, we continue to strive to create a market-leading delivery system, to create an easier user experience for you and create more transparency in the job process. We care about your success, and by sharing our innovations and knowledge with you, we can guarantee a smooth and successful pool project. For more information, visit our website or contact us today!

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