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Footings - Residential Slabs

Our experienced and multi-disciplined team has provided unique and cost-effective solutions to building projects across Australia. Whatever your project, we can provide a custom footing design to suit your requirements.

What are footings, and why are they needed?

Footings are located at the bottom of a structure and act to transfer the loads of the building to the foundation materials below. They are typically made of concrete and are usually the first part of the project to be constructed.

Correct design and construction are critical, as repairs or replacements can be expensive. Poorly designed footings can lead to structural failures, such as cracks in your walls or floors, bulging or distorted walls, and sticky windows or doors.

What needs to be considered in the design process?
  • Foundation type (including its properties and characteristics)
  • Susceptibility to movements from moisture changes (shrink and swell)
  • Distribution of the applied loads to the foundation materials
  • Tolerance of the building to movement
  • Impacts on the surrounding environment, e.g. trees, footpaths, and neighbouring structures
What needs to be shown on the drawings?
  • Dimensions of the footings
  • Location of the footings
  • Any steel reinforcement including surface cover
  • Concrete strength and durability
Where does Structerre come in?

Our experienced team custom design footings for your project in accordance with the National Construction Code requirements, including AS 3600 – Concrete structures and AS2870 – Residential Slabs and Footings.

Our team is additionally able to provide site classifications prior to commencement of design, and compliance inspections of the built footings during construction.

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