Building Certification for Residential and Commercial Developments

Building Certification
Do I need building certification for my development?

In Western Australia, building certification is mandatory in most cases prior to the construction of proposed residential or commercial developments. Proposed plans for these developments must be deemed satisfactory in accordance with the relevant codes and applicable building standards specific to the project before a Certificate of Design Compliance (CDC) can be provided.

The provision of a CDC ensures that when a Building Permit is lodged with a Local Authority, they already possess proof of the proposed project’s compliance, expediting the issue of a building permit.

If these building codes and safety measures are not met, there is a range of legal and safety ramifications that can prove costly if left unaddressed.

How to get building certification

There are two ways to attain building certification:

  • Through the respective local council, or
  • Through a private certifier.

It may seem like the simplest solution would be directly through the local council, however, there are a few benefits in having your proposed plans approved by a private certifier:

  1. Timely

    Typically, private certifiers can approve proposed works in a shorter timeframe as there is usually a long waiting period when sent directly to the local council. Once the private certifier has conducted all the relevant assessments and issued a statement certifying a design complies with the relevant codes and standards, the plans are submitted to the local council where it is fast-tracked as the council’s responsibilities have already been completed.

  2. Cost-Effective

    Council fees are fixed/non-negotiable, whereas private certifiers are generally variable and negotiable.

  3. The Ability to conduct assessments on buildings that some councils are unable to certify.

    There are some projects that your council may be unable to certify, whether through lack of resources, the capability, or authorisation to do so. These can include projects such as commercial buildings or unauthorised structures. A private certifier on the other hand is not bound by these limitations.

  4. How can we help?

    Whether it be a gym, shopping centre, or apartment complex, Structerre Consulting’s team of experienced building surveyors possess the experience and knowledge to review any type of design documents and cross-check them with the relevant codes and standards that your building is obligated to comply with, in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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