The Leeuwin – Ross North Homes, WA

The Leeuwin - Ross North Homes, WA

The Leeuwin home, by Ross North Homes, is the definition of a great thing in a small package. Situated on a 360mproperty with a 12.5m frontage, the display Leeuwin is a beautiful two storey home surprisingly spacious 4-bedroom property, with a number of delicate features to add an extra level of comfort including a front facing balcony and viewing window by the computer nook.

Structerre worked with Ross North Homes on many services for this project, including the geotechnical services, engineering, energy certification and building surveying. We were selected for this project for our commitment to delivering consistent high-quality work and for our driven commitment to our clients.

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Geotechnical, Engineering, Energy, Building Surveying & VNIX architectural

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Quartz Rd, Treeby, WA

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