Lord Street Offices

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Lord Street Offices

The Superline Enterprises Lord Street Development comprised two neighbouring four-storey commercial office buildings on a prominent corner of Perth’s office precinct. The two buildings were designed and built simultaneously, but each possessed its own unique aesthetic. Architecturally elaborate, the office buildings present an interplay of angles through the stark white design of its structural steel façade and framed windows.

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Commercial & Civil

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Project Title

Lord Street Offices

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Lord Street, East Perth, WA

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Superline Enterprises

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18th April 2013


The southern-most part of the development is located over the Northbridge rail tunnel and, as such, structural weight minimisation was of paramount importance. Structerre utilised hot-rolled frames and a metal ribbed permanent formwork floor system to reduce weight, and also designed all of the façade elements using thin gauge cold formed steel members and plates.

Finite Element Analysis was adopted for certain structural elements to maximise the building’s strength to weight ratio. Our miserly approach to structure weight enabled the building to be constructed to four stories high, even though load restrictions over the Northbridge Tunnel generally limit the number of stories to three.

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