Infinite Energy – WA

Infinity Energy

Infinite Energy has recently reached a new milestone after installing their largest-ever solar energy system to date. The project comprised of 2,280 individual Canadian Solar solar panels, covering 5,037 square meters across multiple roof spaces, and 30 Fronius inverter units, for a Perth sub-regional shopping centre, Floreat Forum. Solar electricity is a clean and renewable source of energy that utilises sunlight as a source of power rather than burning fossil fuels and by investing in solar power, Floreat Forum are projected to reduce their carbon dioxide production by 1,256 tonnes annually. This will improve their environmental footprint and save the CO2 equivalent of nearly 5,000 trees per year. This commercial solar project has maximised Floreat Forum’s return on investment and subsequently helped to satisfy their objective of promoting their sustainability values within the local community.

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Structural Inspections

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Cnr Howtree Place &, The Blvd, Floreat Western Australia, 6014

Structerre was honoured to be selected by Infinite Energy to work on this major project with them across multiple stages of the process from start to finish – starting with a dilapidation report. Prior to the works beginning, our engineering team carried out a dilapidation report to capture the current condition of the building before any works commenced on the installation. In the report, we compiled a detailed analysis of the property, which included any building defects such as cracks, gaps, and subsidence, as well as noting the conditions outside the property. This report was accompanied by photos and necessary measurements to give the most accurate picture of the roof’s structure.

Our team of engineers then inspected all the structural plans of the roof structures onsite to ensure that it would be safe to accommodate the additional loads of the solar panels. There are various factors to take into consideration when determining whether a roof can support the weight of solar panels, such as the roof’s current condition, material, orientation, surroundings, shape, and size. Additionally, we reviewed the structural plans of the building and different roof areas. From this assessment, our team was able to sign off all the roof structures after being confirmed as safe and had the required strength to take the additional loads of the solar panels. Next, a structural review on all roof members was conducted to ensure that the roof was capable of not only preventing rafters from spreading but also supporting the extra capacity of the solar panels.

To conclude our work on this project, we wrote a detailed report outlining the roof and building’s ability to take on the additional loads of the proposed panels and signed off the entire building.

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