WA Alterations and Additions Protocol for Energy Efficiency Class 1 or Attached Class 10 Buildings

9th October 2014
The Victorian Guide to Standards & Tolerances Passed in Tribunal Case

A new WA Alterations and Additions Protocol for energy efficiency in Class 1 or attached Class 10 buildings will apply from 1st May 2015. This protocol provides a practical building solution in meeting the more stringent energy efficiency requirements.



A transition period has been implemented to provide industry with time to familiarise with the new WA Alterations and Additions Protocol. Structerre has formulated a new Alterations and Additions procedure to ensure our clients have a smooth transition into the new requirements with no disturbance to turnaround times. These procedures allow the most cost effective pathway to be taken to achieve compliance for each individual project.

An Alterations and Additions Minimum Plan Requirement Checklist has also been created to assist you in providing all required information for an assessment.

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