Structerre’s Residential Steel Fibre Slab!

13th August 2021

Structerre’s innovation & improvements team have been working hard alongside Structerre design engineers, fibre manufacturer BOSFA and concreting company BGC Concrete and are pleased to announce the arrival of the Residential Steel Fibre Slab.

Our new slab design incorporates the BOSFA Dramix® steel fibres that are pre-mixed into the concrete and ready to be poured. This removes the need for mesh to be placed on site and saves costs through reduced labour and purchasing of bar chairs. This steel fibre methodology, whilst new to residential construction, has been used for over 20 years in the industrial industry and has stood the test of time on large concrete slabs.

We have extensively tested the design in the residential market and found that this slab is perfect for most A Class sites.

Did you know the Structerre head office in WA was built on a Steel Fibre Slab? Over 2000 square metres of continuous concrete, with great results!

Benefits of Steel Fibre Slabs

  • A safer work environment with no mesh to trip over
  • Easy to pump fibre dosage rates
  • No need to store the mesh and no risk of theft
  • Steel Fibres have been used on industrial sites for decades
  • Save cost on mesh delivery, chairs and preparation time, no mesh placement
  • Computerised dosing of fibre, concrete is mixed, ready to pour
  • No need to pre-order reinforcement, request fibre addition when ordering concrete
  • Solves mesh cover issues, homogenous mix
  • Made up of 20% recycled steel

View the flyer: Structerre Steel Fibre Flyer

Contact us today to see how you can utilise this new design to save time and money across your projects:

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