Structerre’s Market Leading Energy Assessments

23rd March 2020
NatHERS Energy

At Structerre, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer a variety of high quality multi-disciplinary services from all our offices nationwide. One of our core services is our energy team, who can complete residential energy assessments for all 12 consulting offices located throughout Australia.

Our National Energy teams use the National House Energy Rating (NatHERS) star rating simulation software to assess the energy thermal performance for residential projects. The thermal performance of the design needs to meet the minimum individual heating and cooling loads for building licence approval.  When using this simulation method in NSW, it is mandatory to use an accredited NatHERS assessors otherwise a building licence will not be granted. Other states have different jurisdictions, so it’s best to speak to our energy team about your state requirements.

To ensure that energy standards are being met within the construction industry, a NatHERS assessor will expect random audits, to ensure they produce high quality, accurate and verifiable NatHERS ratings, while also adding value with energy efficiency related building design advice.

Structerre Energy was recently audited as part of the accreditation process and at 94.7% produced a very high standard of competency, as the national accepted minimum standard of accreditation is currently 80%. This demonstrates why Structerre Energy has a prominent nationwide reputation as market leaders in energy efficiency, and how we aim to go above and beyond for our clients.

For more information on our market leading energy assessments, or to find out about one of our other numerous services we can complete for your residential project, contact us today!

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