Structerre Proud Sponsor of Telethon Homes

11th October 2014
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Structerre is a proud sponsor of Telethon, the charity dedicated to improve the lives of children throughout WA. Every year, two homes are built through volunteer labour and discounted materials and then auctioned off to help raise awareness and vital funds for the charity. For over ten years, Structerre has supported Telethon by providing the soil testing, structural design, inspections and documentation for these homes, free of charge.



Since 2006, the two homes have been built by members of the JWH Group, which includes a number of  well established building companies such as In-Vogue Living, Oswald Homes, Rural Building Company and WA Country Builders. Our close working relationship with these clients has resulted in a long-term involvement with the cause.

The 2014 Metropolitan Telethon home is located in Jindalee. The proximity to the shore inspired the In-Vogue designers to create a modern 4×2 Australian beach house with a combination of facebrick, render, cladding and shingle roof tile.

The 2014 Regional Telethon home is located just ten minutes from Geraldton in the Deepdale Estate, not far from the ocean. The simple lines and great functionality of this home make it a timeless design, suited to people desiring a true Australian homestead.

The auctioning of the two homes on Sunday 26th of October raised $1,325,000. Structerre is proud to actively participate as a sponsor for the Telethon homes and other charitable programs. Our intention as a company is to make a positive and enduring contribution to the wider local community.

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