Perth Burns Beach Project Achieves 10 Star Energy Efficiency Rating

18th February 2015
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Structerre’s Energy team has recently achieved a 10 star energy efficiency rating on a residential project. Heavy reductions in glazing, clever design of the north facing eave line, and wall and ceiling insulation throughout the house allowed the project to reach the 10 star target.



With a strong interest in alternative building methods and energy efficient designs, our client approached us to work together to achieve the desired 10 star energy efficiency rating on the project. There was specific design elements incorporated into the existing draft layout presented to us, including a 4.5m high main living ceiling area and a floor to ceiling glass BBQ area. Our team had to use all ranges of thermal performance upgrades in order to reach the target of 10 stars without sacrificing the home owner’s original layout, design and vision.

All design elements were taken into account when deciding how to progress forward. Thermal mass to the north provides good use of the winter sun, and reduced glazing to the west provides afternoon shade in summer whilst still allowing breeze paths through the home.

The initial design used a reverse brick veneer construction and a Colorbond metal roof whereas the final 10 star option has a cavity brick construction. The home has a very high performance double glazing system and uses wall and ceiling insulation throughout to provide a seal around the whole building, with ceiling fans aiding ventilation.

The success of the project lies in the home owner’s willingness to listen to our team’s recommendations and provide positive feedback. Our client didn’t have any specific building elements in mind and was very open to take on our expert advice and explore alternative construction methods to achieve the thermal rating of 10 stars.

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