Now offering – Virtual Inspections & Certifications!

3rd April 2020
Upload - Virtual inspections

Here at Structerre, we’re aware of the ever-changing work landscape that we currently find ourselves in. The nature of work is evolving and we are changing with it. In addition to constantly innovating, we have an ongoing focus on providing our clients with guidance and expert advice. That’s why we’re pleased to announce that we are now offering virtual inspections and certifications nationwide! Whether you are concerned about cracking to your house or renovating and want to remove a wall, we’re here to help and can do it all virtually. All you need is a phone with video capabilities and an internet connection, it’s as simple as that! Our Structural Inspections team consists of experienced engineers who conduct site investigations, compliance inspections and provide construction advice. Our virtual inspections are available to builders, developers, project managers, strata and building managers, owner builders and homeowners.

If you’re interested in this service, please reach out to your state based representative for more information.
For East Coast enquiries contact: Jeremy Moscarda at
For West Coast enquiries contact: James Gannon at

Our inspections team are looking forward to assisting you both virtually and in person; whatever suits you best. Whilst we are offering this service now during these uncertain times, it is a service we plan to continue providing once the current health and economic crises has settled.

Our Innovation, Your Success – reach out to us today!

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