Geotechnical Team Win Major Project

27th August 2013
Geotechnical Team Win Major Project

Our team has been awarded all Geotechnical works for a new hotel building located on Hay Street in the heart of Perth’s CBD. The structure will comprise twenty-two storeys above ground and three below. This site previously housed The Fire and Emergency Services Authority (FESA) headquarters, which is being relocated to support the initiative to provide more short stay accommodation after chronic shortages.



Our Engineers and Geologists are working alongside our respected client, BGC Construction. Our team is identifying the soil profile of the site; one of the most important steps in the construction process. Two major Boreholes will be drilled down to at least 40m to identify the underlying ground risk associated with the soil profile and cone penetrometer tests (CPTs) will also be conducted over the site to depths of between 30 and 40m, which will allow our team to access the depth to ground water of the site.

Standard penetration tests (SPTs) have also been carried out to provide information on the properties of the soil. Other services include detailed dilapidation surveys on neighbouring buildings and properties, which will be undertaken by our team of Structural Engineers in order to check the conditions surrounding the site, prior and post construction.

The project is being managed and delivered by Amy Yates, our Engineering Geologist, Dr Zarnaz Mehryar, our Senior Geotechnical Engineer, and Steve Hill our Geotechnical Engineering Section Manager, based out of our Perth office. Dr Zarnaz Mehryar commented, “Taking part in a prestigious project like FESA was a step-up for me personally and for the Geotechical Engineering Department as well. This project was awarded to us following our prompt response to the client’s urgent query for another project, a 12-storey building on a raft foundation. We earned the trust of the client BGC and provided them with a preliminary report after just one week“.

This prime project has been an interesting challenge and has allowed us to take part in an exciting new hotel development. Obtaining the contract for Geotechnical works has provided our team with a fantastic opportunity to help Perth overcome its severe shortage of hotel accommodation and to create openings to obtain similar projects in the future.

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