Co2 Environmental Savings

19th November 2018
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Through our commitment to innovation, Structerre is constantly striving to design more efficient homes. By keeping innovation at heart and implementing more efficient designs, we have reduced the amount of steel and concrete in many houses in WA at the same time as maintaining their performance. In 2017, 6,500 houses were designed with this innovation, resulting in savings of at least 5,000 tonnes of Co2 that year. These details, along with others that similarly reduce the amount of Co2 produced through the construction process have been implemented since 1996, and while we couldn’t even start to guess the exact amount of greenhouse gas reduction our innovation has facilitated, we’ve been green since before it was cool.

Currently, we are working on an alternative to waffle pod slabs which means no more polystyrene being put into the environment. Our endeavours to remove polystyrene are helping to create a sustainable earth, which is so important to us and our children’s children.

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