Changing Your Roof Cover

17th September 2021
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A well-constructed roof is a fundamental element to a safe home or building. Short-comings in the construction of the roof can have significant impacts such as the collapse of the roof; or the roof separating from the supporting structure in strong winds.

Modifications to existing roofs, such as changing the type of roof covering from heavy tiles to lightweight metal sheeting, can have unintended consequences that could result in significant failure.

When replacing the roof cover in a like for like manner, such as removing old terracotta tiles and replacing them with new terracotta tiles, or removing and replacing corrugated sheet metal cladding, the loading on the roof is similar to the original loads. As such, provided the past performance of the roof has been satisfactory, no additional works to the roof frame are generally required.

Where the roof cover is being altered, such as removing terracotta tiles and replacing them with new corrugated sheet metal cladding, there is a significant reduction in weight, which will require additional tie-down works in the roof and supporting walls to ensure the roof does not separate from the supporting structure in a strong wind event. Where new heavier roof cladding is being installed, additional works are required to ensure that the existing roof frame does not collapse.

A common misconception is that old fibre cement sheeting can be removed and replaced with new corrugated sheet metal cladding with no additional works, however, the new metal sheeting is significantly lighter than the original fibre-cement sheeting and additional tie-down works may be required.

When you are planning to undertake alterations to the roof cover of your home or building, our team is here to help. Contact us today to get started.

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