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Having performed over 200,000 Geotechnical Site Investigations, Earthwork Monitoring and Certifications within Perth and Western Australia, we offer unrivalled knowledge that is recognised by developers, builders and local government.

Over 5,000+ Land-owners old and new, Builders, Developers and Councils have engaged Structerre Consulting for our wide range of Geotechnical Services.

It’s your hard-earned investment, potentially one of few in a lifetime, make an informed decision.

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Our multi-disciplinary approach combined with our mobile engineers and extensive geotechnical knowledge allows us to provide a rapid response addressing the issues relevant to your project.

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Site Classification

Site Classification & BAL

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Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering

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Residential Engineering

Residential Engineering

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In-house Soils Laboratory

In-house Soils Laboratory

Structerre has over 45 years of experience in residential, commercial, industrial and infrastructure development projects, growing from a local Perth base to serving Australia nationwide.



Our Capabilities
Structerre Geotechnical Testing provides a comprehensive range of geotechnical testing services for infrastructure, residential, commercial and industrial projects. Our NATA accredited materials testing laboratory, together with our highly skilled team are able to provide our clients with timely and accurate services. Our business model enables us to provide these services at extremely competitive rates and deliver the following high-quality services:

Field and Laboratory Testing

  • NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) accredited laboratory
  • MRWA and Australian Standard compliance testing
  • Compaction control (Perth sand penetrometers, dynamic cone penetrometers, nuclear density testing and electric friction cone penetration)
  • Permeability testing (In situ constant & falling head)
  • Laboratory testing (Particle size distribution, plasticity index, standard & modified maximum dry density, organic content, point load index, max/ min dry density, Californian bearing ratio and many more)
  • Sample retrieval probe – drilling rigs

Annex / Remote Laboratories

  • Testing services as required per project
  • On-Call availability

Earthworks Monitoring

  • Top-soil stripping assessments
  • Base assessments
  • Alternative fill solutions
  • Fill certification
  • Compaction testing

Geotechnical Investigations and Land Capability Assessments

  • Site classification (global and lot specific)
  • Wind classification
  • Site suitability for stormwater disposal
  • Bushfire attack limit assessments

Engineering Solutions

Compaction Control & Materials Testing Services

  • Sub-surface soil and rock profiling
  • Soil and rock design parameters
  • Foundation design
    • Pads.
    • Strips
    • Rafts
    • Piles
  • Retention design
    • Grout block
    • Piles
    • Soil nails
  • Slope stability assessment
  • Ground Improvement techniques
  • Pavement Investigation
  • Infrastructure

Forensic Investigations

  • Investigation into subsurface instability (i.e., karst, soak well collapse and abnormal moisture

Our NATA accredited materials testing laboratory, together with our highly skilled
team are able to provide our clients with timely and accurate services.