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Structerre Inspect & Investigate is a team of experienced engineers and professionals who conduct site investigations, compliance inspections and provide construction advice. Our clients rely on us to provide them with on-site support when they need it most and we pride ourselves on solving their problems quickly and efficiently.
Our services are available to builders, developers, project managers, strata and building managers, earthmoving and civil contractors, owner builders and homeowners.

Our services include:

Footing, Foundation, Slab and Frame Certifications

Our experienced team is able to attend site at critical construction stages to ensure that what is constructed is compliant with the approved engineering drawings, safeguarding the structural integrity of your project.

Retaining Wall Certifications

Do you require certification for council submission? Our skilled team can carry out an inspection to determine if an existing retaining wall has the capability to support the proposed construction or to certify that a retaining wall has been built in a structurally sound manner.

Structural Pre-Purchase Inspections

Finding a structural problem with your new home after you have purchased it can be disappointing and sometimes costly. Our wealth of experience enables us to effectively determine any structural defects within a building before you buy. Unlike a building inspector, we are able to provide advice on remedial action if structural defects are found. If you do decide to buy, this work can be commissioned separately.

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Dilapidation Reports / Current Condition Inspections

Are you concerned about the effects of nearby construction on your property? Our expert team will review the condition of your property before construction takes place, and will provide you with video or photographic evidence of their findings.
If you believe the neighboring works have affected the condition of your property we will return to undertake a comparative survey of the areas of concern.

Indemnity Insurance Inspections

Are you an owner builder wanting to sell? If you are selling the property you built, within six years of the construction date, an indemnity insurance inspection report is required. Our experienced and mobile team can attend site to undertake this inspection, allowing the sale of the residence to proceed.

Demolition Project Reports

If you are undertaking a demolition project, choosing the right approach is paramount in ensuring the safety of your team. We can provide on-site advice and assess the situation to ensure that the works are completed in an suitable manner.

Unauthorised Structure Inspections

If you have a structure that was constructed without approval from your Local Authority, our inspection can assess the structural integrity and provide you with supporting documentation required to gain Local Authority approval. Should you require remedial work our experienced team can provide you with the advice you need to ensure the best outcome is reached.

Cracked House Inspections

Finding cracks and defects due to movement in your building can be concerning. Our team has extensive knowledge of local site conditions and experience in identifying the causes of these faults. Once detected, we can provide cost effective solutions to ensure your residence will continue to perform in a structurally sound manner.

Cracked Ground Slab Inspections

When cracking occurs in your concrete slab during the construction process, our experienced team can carry out an inspection and provide you with a report outlining the structural integrity of your slab, offering advice on remedial solutions where required.

Renovation Advice

Should you require the addition of a room, floor or even a basement, our experienced team can provide practical and cost saving advice during the early stages of your proposed renovation work. We can also arrange for engineering documentation to be prepared for Local Authority submission.

Compliance Inspections

Our experienced team is able to attend site at critical construction stages, to ensure that what is constructed, is compliant with the approved engineering drawings, safeguarding the structural integrity of your project.

Construction Advice

Our mobile and experienced team has the ability to quickly attend site and provide solutions to any issues that may arise during construction.

Forensic Engineering Investigations

Do you have concerns over the structural performance of your building due to perceived degradation? Our experienced team is able to assess the areas of concern, determine if there is any structural concern and provide remediation if required.

Wall Removal Certification

Should you desire to remove an existing wall, our experienced team can attend the site and perform a visual inspection of subject areas. We will produce a report with photographs and comments on the structural implications of the proposed wall removal and should a structural beam be required, our team can provide the design for you. Our informative reports include comments and advice on any specific structural support or connection requirements, as well as general construction advice including recommended remedial works.

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Other Engineering Inspections

Do you require some on-site assistance for a matter not described above? We have a wealth of experience in dealing with a variety of on-site queries, ranging from demolition advice to construction feasibility.

VCAT Building Disputes

Disputes happen and when they do, we have expert engineers experienced in handling VCAT and DBDRV matters, ready to fight your cause..VCAT building disputes are now handled by the DBDRV process, where our engineering team can help with an expert report to aid mediation 

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