Structerre Geotechnical conducts field investigations, testing of foundation materials, laboratory testing of soil material and other exploratory work. With the use of our in-house NATA accredited materials testing laboratory together with our highly skilled team we are able to provide our clients with timely and accurate results.

Our clients include large and small scale developers, project managers, private investors, home owners, manufacturing and industrial corporations, educational institutions, architects, consulting engineers, builders, contractors and State and Federal Government agencies.

Our services include:

Site Classifications

We can provide an Engineer’s site classification report as per your local council requirements. Our team can conduct borehole sampling on both sand and clay sites, and perform in-house soil testing on samples retrieved. Receive the footing design required for your construction, based upon the site classification assessment.

Land Capability Assessments

For all residential and commercial developments, we can conduct land capability assessments to identify key site and soil features and any constraints in the building area that may affect development, including on-site storm water management. Fast turnaround times and mobility to site allow your local council requirements to be met sooner. We have extensive experience and our one-stop shop eliminates the need for external contracting and time delays.

Laboratory Soil Testing & Analysis

Our fully equipped, in-house NATA accredited laboratory enables us to conduct materials testing and analysis on samples to provide information that can determine foundation design. We perform particle size distribution, Atterberg and liquid limit testing, sand-pad suitability and compaction control of fill materials. Satisfy council requirements and speed up your building process with our fast turnaround times and mobilisation to site.

Compaction Testing

Ground conditions affect the integrity of your construction. Our team can conduct testing on the compacted building envelope in accordance with the relevant Australian standards to confirm that compaction levels are sufficient for your build. This includes all standard residential and commercial pads, as well as deep tests on back filled pools and/or bores.

Clay Base Certifications

Clay has the potential for movement from moisture variation from seasonal moisture change on site. It is vital to assess the reactivity of the base to determine whether the clay base meets your construction requirements and will not compromise structural integrity. Our team can also provide remedial earthworks advice where necessary to assist with the construction process.

Forensic Investigations

Structures can fail, crack or collapse even when there is no clear structural issues involved. In this situation, our dedicated team will approach the defect from a “ground up” perspective. We will investigate the ground properties to identify the cause of failure and offer remedial advice to prevent further damage to current and surrounding structures.

Earthworks Monitoring

A representative from our office can certify earthworks through assessments tested at regular and appropriate intervals during the construction phase.  We will assess whether the quality of materials and workmanship provided on a project is consistent with the requirements and provide construction advice where necessary to ensure the site is constructed in compliance with the design.

Fill Assessments

Fill can often be encountered on sites where levels have changed to suit the construction needs. A fill assessment determines whether the fill used on site is suitable for the proposed construction and is structurally adequate. We can conduct an assessment of the quality and compaction of fill materials encountered on site to avoid potential settlements occurring in the future and provide recommendations for remedial earthworks if required.

Piling Designs

Piling systems provide additional support on construction sites with large concentrated loads. When these retention systems are not designed, installed or monitored correctly, a number of complications may arise such as de-stabilisation of footings, physical structural damage, safety issues and massive time delays for your project. Our experienced fieldwork team can provide a wide range of temporary and permanent earth retention piling designs and verification services.

Ground Treatment Solutions

On some sites, the soil can be loose or unable to support the existing structure or the building. Our specialised team can provide excavation and ground treatment advice, such as reinforcement piling or grout solutions, to improve the properties of the existing ground. This will prevent any shifting or sinking that may occur if prior investigation is not carried out.

Internal Thickening Layout Inspections

Prior to concrete being poured, our team will visit your site and conduct an assessment of your raft or waffle slab excavations. This will ensure that recommendations as per footing and slab details are met.

Ground Slab Assessments

An assessment on the concrete ground slab is important to confirm adequacy and consistency of thickness prior to continuing construction. This would prevent future structural problems that may arise with any undetected inconsistencies.

Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Assessments

When constructing buildings in bushfire prone areas we can attend site and provide an assessment in accordance with AS3959 to provide design advice on construction. The Bushfire attack level is determined by assessing the surrounding vegetation types and distance as well as the effect of slopes. This provides the structural engineers with site-specific information to design the structure to reduce your risk of ignition from bushfires.

Wind Classifications

Wind conditions impact the design of your building. Our classifications provide the essential information you need to ensure your design is tailored to suit the environmental conditions.

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