Structerre Environmental is a team of experienced engineers who provide customised solutions for projects requiring on-site testing, evaluation and management of environmental factors. As the latest addition to our service capabilities, Structerre Environmental complements, and expands upon, our existing range of engineering services, achieving our vision of a complete service solution for our clients.

Our services include:

Acid Sulfate Soil Investigations and Management Plans

Acid sulfate soils occur naturally throughout Australia and projects involving the disturbance of acid sulfate soils may require an Acid Sulfate Soil Investigation to assess the potential risks to human health and ecology. Where risks are identified, we prepare a Management Plan to appropriately manage soil and groundwater during ground disturbance works.

Contaminated Site Assessments and Remediation

Is your site contaminated? This question requires serious consideration if developing, acquiring, divesting or rezoning your property. Investigating and remediating soil and groundwater contamination from current or previous land uses can potentially be a substantial and unexpected financial burden on the landowner. We undertake site assessments and remediation in accordance with State and National regulations so you can get the most value out of your property and protect you from future liabilities.

Validation of Excavations and Waste Soil Classifications

Underground infrastructure such as fuel storage systems can potentially leak and contaminate soil and groundwater. The extent of these impacts may not be fully realised until the infrastructure is removed. We can undertake environmental works associated with validating the contamination status of the excavation and the excavated material. Where possible this material is reused on-site as backfill. If contaminated, waste soil is classified, in accordance with regulatory guidelines, and disposed of off-site at a licenced facility.

Classification of Imported Fill Material

Your development may require the importation of virgin or recycled fill material for elevating or landscaping your site. Understanding the contamination status of this material is essential to prevent the potential importation of  contaminants such as pesticides, asbestos and hydrocarbons. We can provide you with an independent assessment of this material before it arrives on your site.

Due Diligence and Compliance Monitoring of Soil and Groundwater

Your business may be operating under some environmental licence conditions. These may include ongoing monitoring of soil or groundwater at your site for the early detection of any contamination associated with the land use. We can provide these ongoing monitoring services and deliver you with all the information required by the regulator.

Site and Soil Evaluations for Wastewater Disposal

Are you planning to treat your domestic wastewater on-site? Your local council may require a Site and Soil Evaluation to assess the suitability of your site to receive wastewater. We can undertake these evaluations in accordance with Australian Standards and appropriately categorise soils for the design of the most suitable wastewater treatment system.

Environmental Project Management and Advice

Our team of specialists understands resourcing environmental projects can put pressure on budgets and timelines. We can provide you with the management team to deliver your environmental project at a competitive price.

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