Structerre Commercial & Infrastructure is a multi-disciplinary team of expert engineers and professionals who have been handpicked for their experience and capability in handling complex projects. Our ability to provide a complete service solution is what appeals to our clients, who often have many contractors to manage. This ensures that communications are simplified and that we can provide cost effective results.

We offer advanced solutions in the following disciplines:


Being well versed in the latest construction techniques and technological advancements, our designers know that speed of construction is often critical in reducing costs, and designs have to be adaptable to suit contractors preferences.

Managing the balance between cost, functionality and aesthetics is critical on all structural engineering projects. Our highly trained structural engineers work closely with our clients and their chosen consultants and contractors throughout all stages of a project's life cycle. Communication is key in ensuring the required balance is understood and structural designs are tailored accordingly.

With offices in WA, NSW, VIC and QLD, our versatile team of consulting engineers have experience in a large range of projects Australia-wide, including residential developments, high-rise hotels and major infrastructure. We offer a wide scope of services including review and certification, detailed design and forensic investigation. Whatever your need, our structural team can help you.


Civil engineering is at the heart of nearly all projects and so it is vital that civil engineering solutions are designed and implemented with skill and experience.

With civil engineers in WA, NSW, VIC and QLD, we pride ourselves on our practical, up-to-date solutions and a thorough, helpful approach to civil contract management. Our civil engineers have extensive experience in land development for residential, commercial and industrial use.

Our civil engineering services incorporate bulk earthworks and retention, water and sewer reticulation, green-title and brownfields subdivisions, roadworks, stormwater drainage, tender preparation and award, contract preparation and contract administration. We have experience handling projects including simple sewer and water extensions, large scale subdivisions and port and mine infrastructure for major resource clients.


The geological features of a site can affect many stages of your project. Gaining full knowledge of your site is vital in selecting the most effective solutions for the lifespan of your project.

It is crucial that geotechnical risks, such as slope stability, groundwater management and piled foundations, whether for temporary or permanent situations, are managed effectively for both personnel safety and project success.

We offer the full suite of geotechnical engineering services. We perform and manage site investigations and laboratory testing, from short boreholes and test pits for simple sites, to deep bore testing and geohazard mapping for higher risk projects. Using state of the art software we offer design services from earth retention and foundations to ground improvement and tunnel analysis.

The best time to get advice from geotechnical engineers is when you are undertaking feasibility assessments on your project.


Every building is different with its own unique characteristics and challenges. Applying a little forethought to your hydraulics can significantly reduce both installation and operating costs.

Our hydraulics engineers keep up to date with latest advancements in hydraulics technology and products to ensure that our clients have options at their disposal, whether the end requirement is reduced install cost, operating cost or environmental footprint.

We offer system solutions including sanitary sewer and waste, stormwater drainage, trade and industrial waste drainage, fire hydrant and hose reel services, cold water, hot water and tempered water, LPG, natural gas, compressed air, and pumping systems conveying effluent and water.

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