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Instant Site Classification Tool

With over 35 years of experience in the site classification field, Structerre has gathered so much data from the sites we have tested that we can provide an INSTANT indicative soil classification at any address in WA. Our online Site Classification Tool is free to use and available to everyone.

We wanted to share this valuable information with our clients, which is why we have created our online Site Classification Tool. Classify unlimited sites for the information you or your clients need at the early stages of the project.

Instant & Comprehensive
We have done nearly 75% of the site classifications around WA to date so our results can be relied on. Our site class tool is free and can provide anyone with the information that matters. Find out a site’s estimated site classification, wind region, earthquake coefficient, depth to groundwater and a description of the ground in less than 30 seconds.

Easy To Use
For an instant classification, all you need to do is input the house or lot number, street name and the suburb of the site you want to classify. On site right now? Take advantage of the Use My Location option. The tool can be used on any GPS enabled device ranging from smartphones and tablets, to laptops and desktop computers.

Anywhere Anytime
From builders and sales reps, to owner builders, architects and engineers, our tool is a valuable application for a number of different users. Estimate your clients' jobs faster and more accurately, or just have a look at the site classification of a certain area you are interested in for your own understanding.

Access Historical Data on Nearby Sites
When you have an active Passport account with us, not only do you get all of the publically available information, but we also give you the certified results from our recent nearby site inspections. You get direct access to the site classifications, footing details, sand pad recommendations and more, for jobs that could have been done next door.

Find out your Site Classification now
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