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Removing a wall is much EASIER than you think

Many clients come to us asking how they can go about removing a wall from their existing home… usually to create an open plan living space, or as part of their kitchen or bathroom renovations. Walls don’t only divide rooms and spaces; they can also serve a structural purpose.

If a wall is important to the support of the building, that wall is referred to as a load-bearing wall and removing it will likely result in additional works being required to support the building. If a wall is determined to be non-load bearing, removing this wall will likely result in no additional works being required.

An inspection of the area in question by an engineer with suitable qualifications is important to determine the status of a wall prior to removal.

Our ink signed reports include:

  • Photographs from the visual inspection of subject areas
  • Comments on structural implications of the proposed wall removal
  • Structural beam design (if required), including comments and advice on any specific structural support or connection requirements
  • General construction advice including recommended remedial works
  • Mark up of architectural plans (if provided)

Properties commonly inspected include:

  • Single storey to multi-level residences
  • Ancillary accommodation
  • Townhouses
  • Multi-level apartment buildings

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