Gooseberry Hill


A disused quarry at Gooseberry Hill proved to be an interesting project for the Geotechnical Team.

The Department of Environment and Conservation required comment on the stability of the rock face, drainage solutions and also recommendations for the construction of a pathway, which would be utilised by wheel chair users and other members of the rock climbing community.

Numerous areas of potential rock fall had been noted during site visits and Structerre provided advice on remedial work.

In its current state, rain falls on the face of the cliff and drains down the existing undulating pathway, causing localised erosion. Structerre provided expertise and solutions to collect and divert the flow of water away from the path.

We also provided recommendations for pathway upgrade enabling wheelchair users to access the cliff face independently.

It was a requirement of the DEC that the improved pathway was to be in keeping with the surrounds and to not detract from the natural beauty of the site. It was recommended that lateritic gravel and local granite boulders be used for this.

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Stathams Quarry


Gooseberry Hill


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