Perry Lakes, Floreat, WA 6014

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Built in 1962 for the Commonwealth Games, 2012 saw the demolition of the Perry Lakes Stadium to make way for a residential development.

The Perry Lakes Stadium was built for the 1962 Commonwealth Games and has since been used for many athletic, football and rugby events. 2012 saw its demolition to make way for a residential development funded mainly from the sale of the Perry Lakes land and the State’s contribution to athletics. Our client sought our on-site engineering advice on demolition sequences, propping plans and any unforeseen issues encountered during the job.

Through strong communication and cooperation, our team decided the best approach to bring the stadium roof structure down in a safe and skilful manner. We provided sound engineering advice with the machinery they had at their disposal. The stadium roof structure was brought down in a controlled manner, as an excavator equipped with specialist cutting equipment worked its way through the columns at the rear of the stadium, all without requiring any personnel to be in harms way.The roof structure was then dismantled and removed at ground level, which reduced the risks, time and costs typically associated with working at heights. This was an important outcome for our client.

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Perry Lakes Stadium Demolition


Perry Lakes, Floreat, WA 6014


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