Peel Inlet Region


A client with plans to extend an existing residential site employed our specialist Environmental team to provide an Acid Sulfate Soil Investigation.

Acid Sulfate Soils (ASS), although naturally occurring in areas such as coastal estuaries and flood plains, can have a serious adverse impact on flora, fauna and can degrade concrete and steel structures to the point of failure. In Australia coastal ASS occupy an estimated area of 80,000 square metres. In Western Australia, the Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) monitor and regulate excavation in these areas to avoid environmental harm.

Our client contacted us as the residential site they were planning to extend fell in to a 'high to moderate risk area' on the DEC Risk Map and any excavation work would require DEC approval to ensure ASS were not disturbed.

The Environmental team at Structerre, who are specialists in the field of ASS, were able to provide the client with an Acid Sulfate Soil Investigation (ASSI) in accordance to DEC guidelines. A site visit was organised and soil samples were collected, taking care to remove soil at various intervals to 1 metre below the maximum depth of ground disturbance. A desktop assessment and laboratory analysis of the soil samples indicated the presence of ASS within the proposed area of development.

Due to the presence of ASS, and shallow depth to groundwater, the client required modifications to the proposed building pad and footing to avoid ASS disturbance. Structerre's Environmental and Geotechnical teams worked together to provide a complete solution, ensuring that the DEC approval process was straightforward and that work could take place onsite without delay.

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