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3D Details


When you look at the history of structural drafting over the last 30 years, not much has changed in the way the information is presented despite significant technological advances having been made during this time. The industry went from hand drafting to computer aided drafting (CAD), however what was drawn stayed firmly in the past.

Introducing Framing World WA


Over the years, Perth's residential housing market has been married to traditional double brick construction. Now everywhere you look, housing lots are becoming smaller, and more sustainable products and techniques are emerging. Lightweight construction is quickly developing in Western Australia creating new opportunities. Framed or brick solutions - you are talking Structerre's language.

Requirements for Building in Bushfire Prone Areas


The WA State Government has now passed legislation which means if you are building a home or performing construction work in a designated bushfire prone area, you will be required to undertake a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) assessment. Based on the results of the assessment, you will need to comply with the bushfire construction requirements of the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

Roof Construction - Quality Control Inspections


In Western Australia, structural certification of residential construction is not mandatory as it is in many other Australian States. Recently, this has started to tighten with a shift in focus towards roof construction compliance inspections.

Structerre Major Sponsor for HIA Victoria Industry Outlook Breakfast 2015


Structerre was proud to be a major sponsor of the Victoria HIA Industry Outlook Breakfast 2015. Key discussions included the State Government’s vision for Victoria, including key policy platforms and an economic update on the industry.

New and Improved Drawing Presentation Part 2


At Structerre, a common practice that we undertake is actively looking for feedback from our clients so we can continually improve our service offering. We take time to review our clients’ feedback and have found a common topic of discussion to be the appearance of drawings. You spoke and we listened and we are pleased to announce that we have made further changes to our documents to cater towards our clients’ needs and wants.

Reduce Costs Using Structerre’s D29 (STr100) Footing Detail (Patented)


Structerre has developed a footing detail to help you reduce costs. The D29 (formerly referred to as the STr100) footing detail can be used for footings of single storey, double brick houses located on sand sites. The new detail is based on the idea of reducing the amount of concrete by using an ‘edge thickening’ rather then than a standard strip footing.

Structerre Win “Best Customer Service – Supplier” Award 2015


The 2015 MBA Building Excellence South West Awards took place at the elegant Bunbury Lighthouse Beach Resort. The awards mark another successful year for the construction industry, acknowledging those who have gone above and beyond the norm. Attendance by the Structerre Bunbury Office this year was of special significance as they were recipients of the “Best Customer Service – Supplier” Award.

Structerre Participated in Frame Australia 2015 Conference


Residential construction using timber and engineered wood building systems is rapidly becoming the future to meet the challenges of increased density and height of housing. Developers and builders of medium-density and infill construction are moving to these building systems to achieve increased speed of construction, reduced labour on-site and higher quality buildings, with up to 25% reduction in overall development costs.

Fixing of Metal Roof Battens in Timber Roof Construction


The way metal roof battens are connected has recently been a point of discussion in Western Australia. The Building Commission has picked up on incorrectly installed battens and released Industry Bulletin 49 to keep builders informed on the issue. The aim of the this article is to help you minimize delay and disruption on site in regard to the fixing of metal roof battens. Structerre have been provided with new testing results and have updated our details to ensure no delays on site.

Alternative Tie Down Strap For Coastal Areas (R4 and R3)


In 2013 the Building Commission started a series of compliance inspections for residences throughout WA. As part of these inspections, they tested samples of tie down straps in coastal areas and found them to be non-compliant with the Australian Standards corrosion protection requirements. Following these tests they produced Industry Bulletin 32: Durability of roof tie down connectors (straps), which discusses the requirements for built-in components in residences. It further nominates the minimum requirement for tie down straps in coastal areas to be stainless steel.

Structerre Acquires Structural Works & Surveying Works in Victoria


Structerre is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of Structural Works and Surveying Works, an established Victorian engineering and surveying consultancy for the residential, commercial and industrial markets. This will allow us to provide a more complete engineering package and serve our Victorian clients needs even more efficiently. The addition of Structural Works fits well with Structerre’s strategy to become a leading business providing innovative and cost effective engineering services in Victoria.

Inventive Engineering For Sculpture By The Sea Artist


For the second year in a row, Structerre has sponsored the artwork of Mt Lawley artist, Norton Flavel, for his entry in the ‘Sculpture by the Sea’ exhibition on Cottesloe Beach, WA. Although artistic engineering is not a daily routine for Structerre, we provided Flavel with innovative engineering solutions to make his vision become a reality and proved again our ability to ‘think outside the box’.

Structerre Supports Construction of Hill Tribe Community and Training Centre in Thailand


The Hill Tribe Youth and Community Training Centre is a project that is being undertaken by the Borderless Friendship Foundation (BFF) in Huayjakan, Northern Thailand. The much needed centre will become an important hub for education for young hill tribe people and the wider community. Structerre has donated services and fundraised money along with other WA Businesses to allow this essential project to get underway.

Successful Start to 2015 for Office Accreditation and Certification


Structerre has had a successful start to the New Year. In January our Commercial & Infrastructure division successfully extended its ISO 9001 certification, our Perth laboratory effectively continued its NATA accreditation and our Brisbane office succeeded to prequalify for Queensland Government works. The positive feedback we received encourages us to keep improving and provide better services to our clients.

Perth Burns Beach Project Achieves 10 Star Energy Efficiency Rating


Structerre’s Energy team has recently achieved a 10 star energy efficiency rating on a residential project. Heavy reductions in glazing, clever design of the north facing eave line, and wall and ceiling insulation throughout the house allowed the project to reach the 10 star target.

Custom Designed Engineering by Structerre Select


Looking for that extra bit of service when building custom designed homes? A designated point of contact with intimate knowledge of your parameters, projects and business? Structerre Select is specialised in providing detailed structural engineering solutions and documentation for custom designed homes. Our commitment to excellence, experience with project management and dedicated service will exceed your expectations.

Cost Effective and Professional Civil Engineering Services


Our ability to provide a complete service solution is what appeals most to our clients, who often have many contractors to manage. One of the many services we can provide you with is civil engineering, which is at the heart of nearly all construction projects.

Structerre Proud Sponsor of Telethon Homes


Structerre is a proud sponsor of Telethon, the charity dedicated to improve the lives of children throughout WA. Every year, two homes are built through volunteer labour and discounted materials and then auctioned off to help raise awareness and vital funds for the charity. For over ten years, Structerre has supported Telethon by providing the soil testing, structural design, inspections and documentation for these homes, free of charge.

WA Alterations and Additions Protocol for Energy Efficiency Class 1 or attached Class 10 buildings


A new WA Alterations and Additions Protocol for energy efficiency in Class 1 or attached Class 10 buildings will apply from 1st May 2015. This protocol provides a practical building solution in meeting the more stringent energy efficiency requirements.

Improved Drawing Presentation


Structerre is always on the lookout for innovative concepts in order to meet our clients' needs more effectively. One of our recent improvements involves changes we have made to our structural drawings. Our main goal was to make the drawings look less cluttered in order to make them easier to read.

Brisbane Team Prequalifies to Work for Queensland Government


Structerre is pleased to announce that our Brisbane office has achieved prequalification (PQC) to undertake consultancies for the Queensland Government, Department of Housing and Public works.

Site Testing for European Space Agency


The European Space Agency (ESA) has plans to expand their WA based New Norcia space station, which will see a new antenna installed to provide further support and communication for ongoing deep space missions.

Ensure An Accurate Star Rating


The Building Commission is aware of concerns about inconsistencies in star ratings being provided by house energy rating scheme assessors.

New Laboratory in our Albany Office


Our Albany office has recently undergone an upgrade, which saw a fully functioning soil testing laboratory installed to increase turnaround times for clients and better cater to the needs of the Great Southern Region.

A New Office in Melbourne


As national demand grows we are pleased to announce that we will be opening a new office in Melbourne launching our services to the state of Victoria.

BMW’s Engineering and Building Specialists Panel 2014-2017


We are pleased to announce that our Commercial & Infrastructure Division's application for a position on the Building Management & Works (BMW) Engineering Consultancy Panel has been accepted. We are now a registered supplier in a number of specialist engineering disciplines and look forward to working closely with the Architectural firms running various BMW projects throughout WA.

Growth in Retirement Living Accommodation Anticipated


Expansion in retirement living and residential aged care has been identified as one of 25 opportunities for economic growth in Australia. A relatively wealthier, ageing baby boomer generation looking to maintain their expectations will transform the market for nursing homes.

Master Builders Bankwest WA Housing Excellence Awards 2014


The annual Master Builders Bankwest WA Housing Excellence Awards is an event that Structerre is always excited to attend, with 2014 being no exception. It is a chance to support our clients and see them rewarded for their hard work, dedication and excellence in the building industry.

ISO 9001 Certification Achieved for our Perth Office


Structerre Commercial & Infrastructure has achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification through SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. This is a commitment to a QA management system where staff working as a team can better understand and meet client needs through a systematic framework.

NATA Accreditation Achieved for our Perth Laboratory


Our Perth laboratory has achieved worldwide accreditation from the National Association of Testing Authorities Australia. Our standards and proficiencies have met those of the international standard ISO/IEC 17025, formally recognising our continuous high quality of service and technical competence provided to our clients.

Team Recognised by Industry


As a rewarding 2013 comes to a close, we take a look at our dedicated staff members who have been recognised by their Industry for their outstanding efforts and presence, hard work and determination.

The Victorian Guide to Standards & Tolerances Passed in Tribunal case


A court case in WA has been settled based on data from The Victorian Guide to Standards & Tolerances. This is the first time the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) has used The Guide to make a ruling and will set a precedent for future cases.

Baldivis Library & Community Centre


Our Commercial & Infrastructure team has been invited to provide the structural designs for the $11.5 million jointly funded project that is set to change the face of the suburb of Baldivis. Working alongside the client Site Architecture Studio, this original and contemporary piece of architecture, which is in an advanced stage of construction, will act as a hub for the local community and will provide the town with a visually appealing focal point.

Geotechnical Team Win Major Project


Our team has been awarded all Geotechnical works for a new hotel building located on Hay Street in the heart of Perth's CBD. The structure will comprise twenty two storeys above ground and three below. This site previously housed The Fire and Emergency Services Authority (FESA) headquarters, which is being relocated to support the initiative to provide more short stay accommodation after chronic shortages.

iPad App Means Quicker Results


Our in-house Site Inspection App means we can provide you with a faster service, eliminating lengthy processes and enabling you and your clients to move forward without delays.

New Surveying Service in Sydney


We are pleased to announce the addition of Structerre Surveying to our Sydney office. We have acquired the services of four professional surveyors to facilitate this process.

Room for Development


The rising need for temporary accommodation has caused a spike in development across Perth and Structerre is proud to be supporting this new growth.

More Time to Enjoy Life!


At Structerre we understand that happy people are made by balance. Our number one value is Family and it is our mission to ensure that each and every one of our employees has time to spend with their Family or pursuing a personal interest.

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