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We understand that a great work place culture is important to you. We also know that you want the opportunity to grow and develop your career


One company, multiple career destinations.

At Structerre we are always on the lookout for talented, motivated professionals to join the friendly atmosphere of our team based, career structured and family focused group.

For undergraduates we provide a vacation work program as well as opportunities for long-term employment upon graduation.

Our diverse range of services, centred about the residential building industry, means that work for our engineers is both interesting, constantly varying and challenging.

Our culture is why our employees choose to be part of Structerre,
and also why
they stay.

OUR CORE values

What puts us ahead when it comes to your wellbeing? FIRST of course








Self Improvement




We believe that family is important and we value the family needs of our employees. We provide solutions for our employees to ensure that maintaining a work life balance is achievable.


Our promise that every one of our clients will receive a high level of service is underpinned by our integrity and honesty. We have been able to grow as a company because we live and breathe our values.


To serve our clients is the main reason we are operating today and their work provides our employees with the opportunity to develop themselves and their careers. Both mutual respect and opportunity help the business to flourish, and we thrive on it.

Self Improvement

Continuing to develop means we can continue to achieve. The success of our clients, employees and company lies in our ability to identify areas for improvement and create opportunities for development.


We believe in three types of commitment: to our client's success, to our employees fulfilment and to our company's goals. We consider you as part of our team and we are committed to making you feel involved in it.

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